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    Search Startup Jobs – Build in Public – Week 6 – $49 MRR -1st client

    A full re-design first look should be shipped to me in a test this week which is super exciting.  But, just as the week this past week felt like a grind and I knew it would pay off eventually, we received our first Sponsored job on Search Startup Jobs.  This shows, that what I am building is 100% needed for both candidates, and startup jobseekers as well as for employers and growing startups.  Not to mention, the same day AngelList re-branded their Talent portion to Wellfound.  I know it’s a long journey ahead, but we will be better than the rest in the Startup Job space :).

    Week 6 TL;DR

    • 1st Paid Client $49 MRR
    • 4 Registered Users added

    Search Startup Jobs What we did

    This was a very busy week for me so I was not able to do much for SSJ unfortunately.  I added several employers and jobs and shared roles most importantly with the Slack community.  My goal for this week is to get back to the content posting and job posting this week.

    Search Startup Jobs – Week 6 Win

    the biggest win is the fact that we received our first sponsored job so soon into this journey.  My goal was “hopefully maybe” by end of 2023.  Then with the re-design rolling out, I conservatively set in my head” well maybe by q2 of 2023″.  Original Trello board goals from Product Hunt launch day for Proof!  Well, this week Kara posted their Head of Engineering role with us check it out.  Our goal is to continue to bring candidates amazing roles like this one, and companies like Kara incredible talent.


    search startup Jobs first sales


    trello board goals product hunt launch post

    Search Startup Jobs Week 6 Stats

    • 1,062 Pageviews this week – 3,895 this month so far!
    • 451 Total Users –  1,5,43 in Nov – All of Oct we had 469!
    • 184 Twitter Followers – added 19 Followers this week!
    • 34 Linkedin Followers – +4 followers this week
    • 3,060  Backlinks -Backlink train continues  1,275 backlinks added since lastWeek!
    • $49 MRR

    Week 6 Conclusion

    This week while it did slow down from an outbound perspective due to chaos on my end, the fruits of the last 5 weeks have paid off.  Once again Thank you to the team at Kara, trusting us to find this pivotal hire with our talent.  And for anyone needing to attract top Startup talent, or wanting to see how we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting me, or post your jobs too!  Until next week!

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