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    Search Startup Jobs - Week 4 Build in Public - Oct. 1st Month Stats

    This week truly shows that hard work, planning, preparation, and setting little goals to a larger goal, 100% pay off.  I will do my best to share the weekly progress, in the weekly posts and whenever a month's end happens within that week to recap the month before total stats.  If it becomes confusing and too much please let me know! The biggest thing is after the success of everything this week, I will be investing in fully making this something that will last the test of time and fully serve Startup jobs to candidates looking for all employers in the startup space.  I have done some pretty manual processes and it's showing to not be working at a larger scale.  So, before 2023 there will be a redesign + tons more Companies and Jobs! Lastly, unfortunately, there have been many that have been impacted by the layoffs this week.  This trend seems to be something that is a larger scale direction of companies in the coming near future as well.  If you have not seen I have promised ANY one affected by this now or in the next few month, I am here to help.  I as everyone knows am adding startup jobs/companies manually.  I am essentially seeing 100s of companies and even more jobs daily/weekly. If you have been impacted by any of these now, please email, DM, or message me however you need to.  Send me your LinkedIn profile and email address.  I do not need you to register as a user on Search Startup jobs, that is not my goal during this difficult time for you.  I want to curate jobs I'm already doing for myself.  Let me save you time in this tough time and I will email you in an email thread whenever the jobs you told me you want to match your interests. All you need to do is just tell me you're all set/stop when you don't need me to help anymore, OR we worked to help you find that next amazing role at a startup. My only ask is since I will be sending you direct job listing to startup jobs and ATS application links, just to reference us in the How you heard or in the interview process.  And, my only other ask is, just remember us in the future after this life-changing time, and for the next role, you look for personally.  Or, if you make a hiring decision when you land that role, and things turn around out there, just remember us ?

    Week 4 TL;DR

    • Product Hunt Launch Day was a Success 43 Upvotes and counting
    • Traffic to the site has EXPLODED
    • 1st Employer focus post - got engagement!
    • Our applicant volume has gone up 175% 1 week over all of October
    • October 469 Visitors 1,102 Page views
    • Nov 4 days in 1,343 Views & 505 Users ALREADY!

    Search Startup Jobs What we did

    I still can't believe how successful the Product Hunt Launch day was. Check out our 48-hour progress as well.  But, as of today, we have 43 upvotes and 79 followers of the product.  That was certainly enough love all around to decide, let's build this thing how I know it should work, given my 8+ years of job board experience. search startup jobs During that process, as most know I shared my reactions, updates and everything happening as real time as possible on the PH Community Building in Public forum as well as Indie Hackers. Still as of this morning my 48 hr update is the Top 5 most popular posts in the group this week. BIP search startup jobs With all of this engagement and sharing of info, our site has exploded in 3 days and I love it.  I also, have a long term investment in other sources of seekers and users and built  along term partnership/relationship with Rodrigo at Job Board Search. job board searrch - search startup jobs partnership My partnership with him has made an immediate impact and have invested in Job Board Search for our site through June of 2023. And the final what we did at a high level, was posted our first Post directed to impact Startup companies and employers.  With the success of getting jobseeker and candidates applying I wanted to engage the other side.  With our 9 Top ATS for Startups to use, my goal was to help evaluate commonalities of each, group them and rank based on what would be the most succinct, had pricing or package details, a way to start myself, and if there was a free function. With that post I was not expecting the ATS partners themselves to engage at all! Well, several engaged with our post as well as an update clarification from Breezy.HR CEO on their plans, and not just offering a free trial but a free plan for smaller businesses who still need to hire Startup jobs ATS post LI Here is what the traffic looked like for this week with all of this happening 1,102 pageviews just in October and 469 Users  My goal was only 100 almost 5x my goal!       search Startup Jobs GA pageviews Oct 2022 SEM RUSH OCT 2022 Search Startup jobs     In 4 Days of November, we have ALREADY exceeded October stats. We have 500 users in 1 week! and Engagement has gone up 12%! GA Search Startup jobs Nov1-4   SEM RUSH Search Startup Jobs Nov1-4

    Search Startup Jobs - Week 4 Win

    While I love the product Hunt 43 votes and validation, the biggest win is candidates see the value of the site, the vision, and the jobs I have curated to backfill.  Went from a 1 app a week to 7 applications in 3.5 days and blended to date increased our weekly applications delivered to ~3 a week, a 200% increase in 1 week!

    Search Startup Jobs Week 4 Stats

    • 2,445 Total Page Views through this week - 1,735 views just this week!
    • 1,200 Total Sessions to end the week - 771 Sessions in Week 3 alone 362% INCREASE!
    • 952 Total Users -  641 Users this week- 317% increase!
    • 133 Twitter Followers - added 49 Followers this week!
    • 26 Linkedin Followers - +4 followers this week
    • 350 Backlinks already most happening this week 1300% Increase!
    • $0 MRR
    • 7  applications delivered - 230% increase over October as a whole

    Week 4 Conclusion

    An insane week and things really  ?? for us this week. Still $0 MRR but I want to continue to build the candidate community of HIGH QUALITY candidates and leverage them and their value to the startup world.  After, 3-4 separate conversations with people in passing this week, every time I tell the story of the why, and how there is no site serving candidates of all evolutions of their startup journey, I continue to hear "you have something really good here" and those little things push me day in and day out, week over week. I don't have to get to $10 million today, but little wins will get you to there faster than thinking of the end before you even start.  Until next week! Check out some of our pages and follow our Socials: Search Startup Jobs Blog Search Startup Jobs (Jobs list) Twitter Facebook Page Facebook Group LinkedIn Page