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    Search Startup Jobs – Week 5 – Build in Public – Slow Week

    After last week’s incredible numbers and effort, I decided to see how the site would do, without adding as many new jobs and posting blog posts this week.  Well, we had traffic but it showed in order to make this the most engaging community, Startup jobs will need to be new and fresh for users.  I really wanted to focus on ways to help the many who have been hit by layoffs, and prepare in case this trend continued.  This week I bet with developers who are helping rebuild the site to make it the best experience for jobseekers/users interested in startups and startup jobs, but for employers and startups themselves.  A full re-design should be done by end of the month.

    Week 5 TL;DR

    • Launched Slack Community
    • Rebirth of a Resume tool
    • 12 Applications this week!
    • Pivoting our applicant delivery strategy

    Search Startup Jobs What we did

    I decided after several people I am close with received the news of being laid off, that I needed to help more.  I was already helping a half dozen individuals to find a new role.  So, to make it more engaging, and more of just a me and them 1:1, A Slack community.  So, while the site is being reworked, and if someone feels like they are alone in their search please share the link.

    My goal, is once the site is built out, that for people who like to engage and not search a site for jobs finding a way to auto post new jobs to the community.  My next decision was to share with everyone a tool that had kinda been sunset.  A friend and I purchased a resume generator site a few years back.  So, I tinkered a bit made the price free, so for anyone who needs a refresh or rebuild of a resume check out Resume Shake!  I am working on a way to in the future tie these both together, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated on if they should be standalone or RS a product of Search Startup Jobs.

    I met with developers this week to discuss the full rebuild.  I am super excited to take feedback from everyone and ship something that will truly be the path forward for us.

    With our increase in candidates 12 this week! I have decided for the sake of the community and the seekers, to cut myself out as the “hand delivering” of applicants.  I have passed off all applicants and I haven’t heard anything so I am assuming that they are not getting past spam filters.  So, in the quest to make the best experience for our candidates, I have decided to switch to Direct ATS URL listings.

    Search Startup Jobs – Week 5 Win

    the biggest win is how quickly the Slack group has blown up! from 6 people one-off emailing to 18 and counting.  Plus, several interviews are already on the books.  This shows that multiple ways for people to engage and share are best, so the Slack community will become an extension of the Job Board.

    Search Startup Jobs Week 5 Stats

    • 1,442 Pageviews this week – 2,760 this month so far!
    • 601 Total Users –  1,090 in 11 days – All of Oct we had 469!
    • 165 Twitter Followers – added 32 Followers this week!
    • 33 Linkedin Followers – +47followers this week
    • WHOOA 1,785 Backlinks – last week we only has 350- a 510% increase Week over Week!
    • $0 MRR
    • 12  applications delivered this week- 20 total

    Week 5 Conclusion

    This week just shows building doesn’t have to be shipping products or posting posts. Helping people is the main reason I started this journey, and this time in the world has helped me do that even more.  I am so excited to see how the rest of the month goes from here.  Search Startup Jobs is still new and young, but the tremendous growth we have seen in the last 2 months shows that people want to find the best startup jobs, and companies to work for, and also build something together.  Until next week!

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