Senior Marketing Data Engineer - Chowbus

Date Posted: Mar 18, 2023

Job Detail

  • Location:
    San Francisco, California, United States of America
  • Company:
  • Type:
    Full Time/Permanent
  • Positions:
  • Experience:
  • Degree:
  • Remote:
    Yes / No
  • Salary:
    Monthly: 1000 USD - 2000 USD

Job Description

Chowbus, Inc. in Chicago, IL seeks Senior Marketing Data Engineer. Research, gather information, create, and implement big data solutions including data collection, transformation, and analysis on large databases for marketing purposes. Create design solutions for marketing and sales data warehousing. Develop quantitative analysis, tools, ad hoc reports, and models to support marketing decision making. Prepare reports of findings, illustrate data graphically, and translate complex findings into written text. Analysis areas might include acquisition, retention, sentiment, and lifetime value. Create and interpret SQL statements, functions, and procedures to support application development, reporting/analysis, and data extraction. Create and manage Chowbus’s online business insights tool, including dashboard planning and creation, using data from different data sources, such as our data warehouse and different APIs. Support all departments and teams in dashboard requests based on their business requirements and analytics needs. Conduct in-depth evaluation and analysis of different marketing efforts to help derive insights and recommendations. Gather information and examine web traffic, social media metrics, marketing campaigns, and other activities that will design and create reports for a variety of stakeholders. Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to provide data insights and recommendations for optimization towards marketing goals, campaign ad spend, and campaign funnels across digital channels.


Must possess a Master's Degree in Marketing Analysis or a related field and 1 year of experience in the job offered, in a Business Intelligence Analyst role, or a related role. Must possess course work or work experience with: (i) SQL; (ii) Tableau; (iii) Data warehousing and data mining; (iv) Data analysis and the ability to present; (v) Time series analysis and forecasting; and (vi) Marketing strategy issues coming from industry structure, target marketing analysis, pricing methods, and promotion programs.


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