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Product Hunt Launch Day – 11/1/2022

Boy, what a long 3 weeks+ it’s been to get to this point. But, today is officially Launch day on Product Hunt. From an idea on a quick phone call with Scott Leese, to a tangible site in less than a month.

I wanted to make sure I soft-launched and was first building something in front of my networks.  I set mini goals for myself as I have been working on this in the evenings, and weekends.

To recap, I have 8+ years of Sales experience in the job board space (my Linkedin..see I am real).  In October I recently looked back on how I found my roles and the evolution of what I wanted to do for “work”.  At that time Built In was the big place to find those startup roles.

Then once I got bored of free lunches and ping pong, building wealth while building something mattered most. So, AngelList and relationship building was the next phase.  Getting a piece of what you’re building or being on that very first to fourth seat on the rocket ship was the goal.

I looked at these places as an experienced startup employee, and leader and realized, “these places aren’t what they were.”  That is how Search Startup Jobs began, that one thought.  My vision, is to be the one place a hungry startup job seeker, with no experience all the way up to an aspiring Co-Founder can search Startup companies and Startup jobs, of all kinds.  2 person shop, and totally bootstrapped? Great, post your jobs with us.  A seasoned, former garage startup that is now a Unicorn? Also great, post your jobs with us!

The site may not be pretty right now, but I needed to act.  With Job board experience, I knew backfilling with Indeed, and the usual suspects would be easy street. But I would not get what I wanted, all startup jobs. So, I did what any aspiring entrepreneur and even the good ones do and began manually curating a list of Companies and jobs and every day adding 1-5 Companies and 1-5 jobs per company.

The vision after Product Hunt Launch day, and farther into the future will be to integrate with Applicant tracking systems startups use to drive jobseekers to their jobs.  But, I knew I didn’t want to spam startups by taking an email address and delivering applicants to an email unaware of what we are doing.

So, the choice was simple to me, I personally will have EVERY single applicant delivered to my email.  From there I will hand deliver these applicants explaining how their jobs were on my site, who the applicant is, and letting them know it’s your seeker – and this profile page and jobs account is yours if/when you want it.

With that 1 approach, I have successfully delivered 4 applicants within the first month thus far!

The next biggest investment was content. I have been posting 2-4 blog posts a week since week 1, one post a week about Building in public.  From there share content, and engage on Twitter and LinkedIn mostly.  On top of that 24-48 hrs after I create new companies or jobs I schedule to share them on Socials to land during the day on weekdays.  Plus, after reading Haktan Suren, PhD  post about launching on Product Hunt on his Twitter, I worked on the other little things, including getting an Upworker to great a thumbnail for us, tell me what you think!

search startup jobs Product hunt thumbnail

With all of that grinding, still every day since day 1 the circled date was 11/1, today to get the rest of the world’s feedback with our Product Hunt launch.

I wanted to make a standalone post not just on socials, but here as well to be able to document and look back at the process.  Whether 1 month, 1 year, or 25 years from now and see how far I have come. In just 3 weeks I’ve already come so far. in my Trello board, I made 2 main short-term Goals – 100 Twitter followers by 11/2 ( should have been 11/1) and 100 site visitors in 1st 30 days.

trello board goals product hunt launch post
As you can see, there are a few other long-term goals, and 1 I didn’t mention. I still would like to spotlight startups, and founders/co-founders. I have yet to do a post but would love to talk or send a Q&A Google Form to share the wins, the challenges, and what led to the aha, or push to finally just do.  Please, if you are a Founder or running a startup reach out!

But the other 2 ✔ 100 Followers, and ✔ 100 Visitors (see below)

Twitter screenshot product hunt postGA total visitors product hunt post

So, with all of that said today – is in fact the day 11/1 we are LIVE on Product Hunt.  For everyone who has provided feedback and support thus far, sincerely thank you.  For anyone new to our journey or coming back to check in, please take a look at our launch I am eager for the questions, thoughts, and feedback. Whether here, on socials, DMs are open, or email me.  I want to make this into something that will impact both startup companies and individuals looking for that next role like I did 8+ years ago in my journey.

If you are a job seeker, give me feedback on jobs, your location, and wanting to see jobs (remember I manually add them myself  😁), and sign up for Job Alerts.  Startup Companies, Employers, Founders, Recruiting/Talent/People/HR folks at Startups give me feedback.  On everything Company profiles, job listings, you name it.  Also, if you see your company and your jobs ( remember again…I manually added them myself 😊)  contact me and I will get you and your company profile and jobs set up with a login for someone in your office.

Thank you again, I await the feedback positive and negative, but also take a look at all the jobs posted so far, Startup Companies listed, or sign up for job alerts.  I am truly excited about what the next 2-6 months have in store.

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